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Coq au vin

Candidate for coq au vin
One of the many advantages to sharing an office with a Frenchman is French cooking. Hence, I was immediately eager to help when he asked if I knew where he could get a coq, as in coq au vin. I have never tasted this before, but due to the law of French mojo, I assume it must be excellent. Furtheremore, I assumed I would be invited for dinner if I was the one to get him the coq, so I sent a text to my friend the organic farmer.

Unfortunately, I was to late. This happened in the autumn of last year, and the farmer told me he had just sold the three he was going to sell that season. And to make it even more annoying, he had sold them to a rather Francophile former colleague of mine at my summer job, who was going to put them to use in exactly the same way we had intended.

Always one to learn from my mistakes, I decided not to be too late this year, so I paid the farmer a visit yesterday, and asked him if I could put in a reservation for a rooster or two for the late autumn, and he told me that should certainly be possible. Now, as these are free range chickens in the true sense of the word, all that is left to do is to hope my chosen one doesn't get eaten by the fox or something like that. Then there is of course the matter of transporting a live rooster from Molde to Trondheim, and eventually killing and cooking it, which luckily won't be my responsibility. A report will follow.

-Tor Nordam


Camilla,  21.04.11 14:27

Jeg er sikker på at den kommer til å smake godt.

Jørgen,  25.04.11 14:40

Hugs no endeleg på å ete nyrene og levra òg.
Tor,  25.04.11 15:47

Er det en del av oppskriften?

Jørgen,  25.04.11 17:02

Nei, det er ein del av det å ikkje hive god mat.
Tor,  25.04.11 17:04

Det ordner seg sikkert. Franskmenn spiser jo alt mulig rart. Egg på pizza, for eksempel.

Jørgen,  25.04.11 17:10

Då kan du jo oppmode nemde franskmann til å ete føtene. Grilla, vel å merke. Dei smaker ikkje så verst.

Anders K.,  26.04.11 16:07

Brasilianerne har sjokolade og banan på pizza. Som middagsmat er det helt forferdelig. Men hvis du tenker på det som kake, er det ganske deilig.
Tor,  26.04.11 17:27

Tor,  23.12.11 19:45

Jeg tenkte å ta med med denne krabaten opp til Trondheim etter jul, men jeg fikk nettopp vite at han ble tatt av reven i høst. Vi prøver igjen til neste år.
coq au vin
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