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The subtle Norwegian language

As mentioned in Tim's article from yesterday, my colleagues and I were chatting about language in the lunch break yesterday. Before we got onto the topic of language trees, and where the sami fit into the great scheme of things, we were discussing the subleties of the Norwegian language (which, as we know, is a very subtle language), inspired by a Norwegaian/Swedish/Danish multilanguage keyboard that happend to be lying on the table. The newest addition to our corridor, a French post.doc., asked about the extra Scandinavian letters, and we explained as best we could.

Naturally, we presented the opinion that the Norwegian language is convenient and easy to understand and other good things, while the Frenchman claimed that the French pronounciation is perfectly logical. To support my point, and to provide a bit of explanation, I helpfully wrote down

and then perhaps less helpfully

In the end, we didn't agree on anything much, except that none of us will watch the Eurosong thing, because that is for crazy people.

-Tor Nordam


Camilla,  29.05.10 12:25

I have my doubts about the Ø, but I am sure it is very clever in physics-speak.

Perhaps the Frenchman just didn't agree because he did not grasp the subtleties in the subtle language that is Norwegian.

And I will be watching Eurosong, I'm afraid. I have bad friends. I think we have an agreement that the volume should be turned way down, though.

Tor,  29.05.10 12:28

Oh, that reminds me. We did agree on one other thing: the visual experience when watching Eurosong is at least as painful as the actual sound, if not even more painful.

Maybe you can convince them to turn the brightness all the way down as well?

Camilla,  29.05.10 12:30

Maybe. I'll ask.
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