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Aperture 3

So, a while back Tor and I bought the new version of Aperture (Aperture 3), a little because Tor drooled a lot when curves were mentioned, and a little because we couldn't find any of our old e-mails containing the codes for various updates. There should be a simple database where any Apple customer could find information on what they have purchased over more than the last year. But that is another rant.

Aperture is great. I love Aperture. And usually a new version is an improvement. This has generally been a concept that Apple has understood (unlike, say, certain other massively big software companies that shall remain nameless here). I have therefore been quite baffled to run into one new problem (well, "problem" is the wrong word -- "annoying quirk" might be a better one) after another. Hence this post.

Let me first say, Tor is right. Curves is a good tool, and I am sure that once I master it it will make my pictures immensely better. Yes. Thank you, Apple people.


Why oh WHY does Aperture have to leave full screen in order to export an image? It is driving me crazy. I never (never ever? well, hardly ever) open Aperture to edit and export only one image, and images really have to be in full screen while you edit them (that goes without saying, I feel). More importantly, the old version of Aperture DIDN'T leave full screen when you pressed the keys for export, so I know someone in their group of developers is aware that it is a bloody stupid thing to do.

AND where did "pick" go? This is a function that allows you to pick one of the images in a stack (which is a group of images) and make that the representative image for the stack. The fact that the icon for "pick" has disappeared would not be a problem if the keyboard shortcut worked, but it may be that having to translate from a Norwegian keyboard is too much for it (/ requires two keys, for example) because it doesn't.

And, sweet bunnies on a pogostick, WHAT have they done with the import function? This is what made me finally go over the edge this morning. In the olden days (good old days of Aperture 2 something), if you wanted to import files into a particular project, you right clicked on the project and chose import. Presto, images in project. NOW, if you do the same, Aperture completely disregards your attempt to choose a project, and if you do not ALSO click on the project AFTER having chosen the images, they will simply be imported into a project all of their own. The result is that my library now looks a lot like my room did when I was 14. Why would you drop a perfectly good and really VERY userfriendly way of doing it, which will now be ingrained in anyone who has been using Aperture for a while, and then COMPLETELY CHANGE IT? It makes no sense.

I am angry.


Are,  13.07.10 20:09

Windows Vista comes to mind? ;)

I can really sympathize with you here. It's so annoying when software is changed in a way that disrupts the way you use it. In this case, I wonder if it's just you who's using it in a strange fashion, or if Apple really overlooked key functionality?

This article might have the highest word/font style ratio of any article I've ever read here.

Did you try tuning the keyboard shortcut in System Preferences, by the way?

Camilla,  13.07.10 20:49

I have tried changing things in System Preferences, but it never works. Granted, my changes have mainly been to NeoOffice, but still.

I don't know whether I have been using it oddly, but since it was possible to use it oddly I feel they should have taken it into account.
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