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Pretty colours!, v.5

So. Tor has written a fancy page and it is really quite impressive. I can do all kinds of things and have already spent altogether too much time tagging things and retagging them and then changing the tags about. Still, all good.

Except, deep in my heart I know the page is ORANGE to all newcomers, and while a splash of orange can be a delightful thing, an entirely orange page is disturbing at best. Our colourblind readers may not care about any of this, but since I am the type of person who chooses operating systems based on what they look like ....

On Tor's request I have therefore spent a couple of days now, suffering through the unexpectedness of the random colour scheme, all to find pretty colour combinations for your benefit. I hope you appreciate it.

1. This one is the one I am currently using (background CC1100; columns FAFAFA):

2. I am thinking about changing it to this (background 80100D; columns FAFAFA):

3. For the more mellowly inclined (background 9DA963; columns FAFAFA):

4. For the slightly less mellow (background 559012; columns FAFAFA):

5. For the blue (background 237492; columns FAFAFA):

6. For the bluer (background 234868; columns FAFAFA):

7. For the blue, but mellow (background 45748E; columns FAFAFA):

8. For the bluest (background 234868; columns 45748E):

9. For Mary? (background 562C55; columns FAFAFA):

10. For the yellow (background E9CF40; columns FAFAFA):

11. For the grounded (background 794524; columns FAFAFA):

12. For the somewhat insane (background 559012; columns 237492):

13. For the mental (background 78407A; columns E9CF40):

14. For the slightly mossy (background 759629; columns B6B47C):

15. For the deeply feminine (background 562C55; columns 8C1432):

16. For those who really, really don't think it's true that blue and brown don't go together and that that is just a silly prejudice created some time in the 70s or 80s or possibly even 90s, and who don't care if the screen gets very dark (background 234868; columns 794524):

17. For the recently military (background B6B47C; columns 9DA963):

18. For the deeply (disturbed) girly (background BC0F61; columns E196A6):

19. And for the deeply boring (background CCCCCC; columns 666666):

If none of these meet with your approval, you are of course free to suggest others. And if wild experimentation is not your thing, the easiest way of getting hold of colours you like is going to the source code (?) of the page you are on (on a mac, you get it by pressing command+u) and checking what the precise numbers are.

It may all be a moot point if we get a really pretty css up and running. But we need to do something about the ORANGE.


Version 1

Camilla, 27.07.10 13:47

Version 2

Camilla, 27.07.10 15:23

Version 3

Camilla, 27.07.10 17:57

Version 4

Camilla, 28.07.10 01:12

Version 5

Camilla, 30.07.10 11:03