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What I blog about when I blog about running

I was actually supposed to write a really good article today. Short, informative, probably a litte witty, and very good indeed. Unfortunately, I forgot what I was supposed to write about, so it will have to wait until I can remember. In the meantime...

Today, I went running with a friend from the university. He passed his viva yesterday, so he is almost officially a doctor, and naturally, there were celebrations yesterday, and, perhaps not so naturally, he felt that going for a run today would be perfect. I agreed, as I thought I might be able to keep up if he were in a reduced state. I used to run a lot when I was younger, 8 kilometers about two or three times a week or so the last few years I was living at home, but then I pretty much stopped after I went to university, so I'm not in as good shape as I used to be.

The thing is, I don't like running on roads. And at home, I didn't have to, because just a few hundred meters from my parent's house, the forest begins, and in the forest, there are nice paths for running. And more than likely, there are similar things in Trondheim, where I live now, but I haven't actually gotten around to looking for them. I've only lived there for eight years, mind.

In any case, when I came to Edinburgh last fall, it turned out one of the people who was sharing an office with two of the people who had as their supervisor the guy I contacted about coming to visit, was an avid runner. Member of the running club (Hares and Hounds) and all. And about ten months after being made aware of this fact, I suggested that we go for a run together. In retrospect, I should of course have done this much earlier, but we have at least had a few nice runs this summer, and I have learned a nice route close to the university. Convenient for doing lunchtime runs, if one is so inclined. I have included this picture for your viewing pleasure.

Also, if the weather is nice, and if I feel like it, I'm cycling to Molde on the 17th of 18th or so. Would anyone care to join me?

-Tor Nordam


Camilla,  02.09.10 01:12

But then I hardly ever even run to catch a bus. The idea of lunchtime runs sounds like something out of a horror movie. Did you finish up by eating babies?

Still, I liked the Murakami reference in your title. Perhaps I would start running if I read that book.
Anders,  02.09.10 13:31

If Eddie Izzard can run 43 marathons in 51 days along the british country side, I think you should be able to run a couple of kilometers on asphalt.
Tor,  02.09.10 14:05

Anders, jeg visste ikke at du hadde en lovende karriere som komiker i en sketsj-trio med Jørgensen.

Anders,  02.09.10 14:17

Jeg er usikker på hvem av de jeg skal være, men jeg antar at det er han rødhårete. OG IKKE HAN TIL VENSTE SOM BEGYNNER Å MISTE HÅRET!!!

Kanskje vi kan teste. Du kan knyte et slips rundt hodet og ta bilde av deg selv med et villt uttrykk i ansiktet?
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Tor, 02.09.10 10:33