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Molde is located on a fairly narrow strip of land, between the sea and the mountains (or rather, hills), next to the Moldefjord. The hilly area behind the city is known as Moldemarka, and while it doesn't really have any spectacular mountains, the highest one being something like 650 meters, it's a very nice area for shorter trips. A fairly extensive network of gravel paths makes the area easily accessible by foot and bike, and even by wheelchair, at least with a motor or someone to push.

There are several lakes and ponds, and most of the lakes have fish in them, although you probably won't get anything very huge. Three of the lakes provide drinking water for Molde and the surrounding area, but in the other lakes, swimming is allowed if you are so inclined.

Unfortunately, most of my images are temporarily unavailable for geographical reasons, but here are some earlier articles with pictures taken in Moldemarka:

-Tor Nordam


Camilla,  03.07.11 23:50

but I know one of my ancestors and a few of his daughters drowned in one of the lakes up there. That may be part of the reason. That, and the fact that it is rather cold.

Anders K.,  04.07.11 13:15

It's not actively used in tourist marketing, but for centuries Moldemarka was a common place for suicides. Why not a tour of the unproportionately many places named after such incidents?

There is Olaringartjønna, the pond named after the 19th century sexton, Ola Ringar, who drowned himself after being exposed as a grave robber.

Jensgurilia, named after the tree (Jensguritollå--still there with an X carved on the stem) where a servant girl Guri (probably daughter of Jens) hanged herself after she got pregnant out of wedlock.

And finally, there is Sjølskotthaugen (Shoot Yourself Hill), where I guess the name speaks for itself.
Tor,  04.07.11 13:22

I've heard the story about Jensgurilia, which is about 100 meters from my parent's house, but not the others. Do you know where these places are? Perhaps you would care to arrange a guided walk at some point during the Jazz festival?

Anders K.,  04.07.11 16:40

I probably won't be there this year. But why go anywhere when all the world is on Google Maps?