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Fole godt

Fole godt, which literally means awfully good or something along those lines, is currently (in my opinion) the best café in Molde. While that doesn't neccessarily mean much, they do actually seem to care about good coffe, and the results are excellent. And not only do they have good coffee, they also make a make a variety of nice stuff in their own bakery, which is of the kind where they believe in taking the time to do things right.

Foto: Camilla

In addition to good stuff to eat and drink, the place is very nicely decorated with an interesting selection of old furniture and usually some nice art on the walls. If you find yourself in Molde and would like a cup of coffee, this is definitely the place to go.

Foto: Camilla

-Tor Nordam
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Anders K.,  09.07.11 10:05

Traditional Norwegian cinnamon rolls, as made by old people, have approximately one single grain of cinnamon in them, and next to no humidity, making them very hard to chew or taste. This café, however, has come up with (or imported) the fantastic idea of using tons of cinnamon and a very juicy dough. It's a wonder nobody thought of that before. So to a foreigner, this will seem like an ordinary café, but there's a reason why the Norwegians are lining up from 5 AM, or even staying the night, carrying signs and dressing up as cinnamon rolls.
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as are their other baked goods. I do not quite agree that the coffee is beyond wonderful, but I will admit it is quite good, and much better than what you have usually gotten in Molde. I think it is the first café in Molde to actually think about coffee as a heterogeneous field rather than as ... coffee. Which is good. But their tea is really something.

But I love how it looks and feels, and that even when it is full it is not busy. It is also the only café I have been to where a Norwegian has asked to share my table.
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