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The Fantasy Flowchart

Camilla posted a link to A guide to Navigating NPR's Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books, a convenient flowchart that helps you select which SciFi and Fantasy books to read. Naturally, I spent some time looking at it, and started looking for books I had read. I couldn't immediately find the Wheel of Time, so I decided to see if I could get there by answering the questions of the flowchart.

I got there in the end, so to save you the trouble of doing the same, and to save me the trouble of writing a real article today, I shamelessly wrote down the somewhat bizarre series of questions and answers which will end up with a recommendation to read the Wheel of Time:

Yes. I pretty much live in a fantasy land already.

Are you going to be upset when you don't find Harry Potter?
No. I know where to find him if I need him.

Are you new to the fantasy genre?
No. I'm what you call, experienced.

Like the Arthurian legend?

Looking for modern day settings?
No. Let's find another world, this one's depressing.

Fan of westerns?
No. Too dusty. And I'm not much of a card player.

Animals more your thing?

No. I have allergies.

How about some alternate history?
No. I never paid any attention in history class.

Ready to dive into a series?
Yes. The other two options ended with some strange choices.

Does the series have to be finished?

Do the words Sword and Sorcery have a positive connotation for you?

Looking for an old-fashioned Trilogy?
No. In for a penny, in for a pound, I always say.

So, five or six books enough for you?
No. I shall require at least ten.

Enjoy quests to prevent great evil from conquering the world?
Yes. Good vs. Evil on an epic scale, please.

Who will save us?
The One Power

The Wheel of Time, Robert Jordan

I liked in particular how you end up at the Wheel of Time, even though you specify that the series needs to be finished. A good way to lure in new readers.

-Tor Nordam


Camilla,  30.09.11 13:26

Very sneaky.

Christian,  01.10.11 11:18

Hm, some would argue that there are several swords and at least some form of sorcery in the Wheel of Time series.

I found this quite amusing; "What's your ideal pet?" Dragon, Bunny or Unicorn...
Camilla,  01.10.11 11:19

And relies somewhat on Arthurian legend.
Wheel of Time
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Tor, 30.09.11 12:56